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Welcome to LSP's newest offering!

Personality Portraits are the best way to capture your child's precious personality - babies don't keep y'all! These images are delivered in black + white.


I use studio lighting, a white backdrop and various seating options for the session - all you need to do is bring your kiddo in to have a great time and we'll create beautiful memories!  


There session details as well as general session FAQs are explained below.





starting $325 + tax

Up to 15 minutes

1 child

(See FAQ below for pricing for multiple children) 

10+ black and white digital photos

Location will be my home in Frisco, TX, or a local natural light studio for back-to-back style pop-up events

Note: these will be offered via pop-up style events, but you are welcome to inquire about scheduling an ad-hoc session on a separate date, for an additional $75 session fee. This is a great option if you feel you need a little more time for your child to warm up. 


Is there an age requirement?

Your child must be able to sit on their own and have good head control.

What should my child wear?

More is less in these sessions - the photos will be all about capturing your child's precious little personality and all their expressions! I recommend a simple light colored top without logos or patterns. In my opinion, off-white photographs best, but if you don't have that, no worries, a solid colored light shirt will be great!. If your child is wearing a bow or any headpiece, I recommend choosing a contrasting color to their hair - dark haired children choose a light color and vice versa! 

Here are some links to my favorites: 

Another recommendation I have - if your child has dark hair, wear a light colored top, but if they have light hair, wear a darker colored top. This helps with contrast in the black and white edits nicely!

How does it work?

As a mama of a 3 year old toddler (who I practice on daily!) I have lots of prompts and props up my sleeve to bring out lots of expressions - this is honestly my favorite part of being a photographer! I use external lighting gear and a plain white back drop for these sessions. I'll ask that your child sit on the floor or, if they can, on a little wooden stool.  

Before the session I will send you a questionnaire asking you some questions about your child so I can give them a personalized experience! Examples include their favorite cartoon characters, noises, animals, etc.! 

You will receive at least 10 black + white digital images, but I find it hard to choose favorites and am a generous gallery giver :) 

How can I prepare?

Talk to your kiddo(s) about the upcoming session and try to help them get excited about being silly - you can even practice silly faces all week long! 

I would also recommend to bring wipes and a comb for their hair - ya never know :) 

If your child has a runny nose or lots of boogies, please do you best to clean it before the session as we all know as parents cleaning a yucky nose out can be uncomfortable or undesirable and may upset them! Of course, we will take breaks to wipe as needed :) 

What if I have multiple children?

One slot is for one child only. You will need to book a separate time slot for each child - however, there is special pricing for multiples:


2 children: $600

3 children: $800

4+ children: please contact me to discuss

Are there special packages for multiple times thru the year?

I would love to discuss that with you, please send me an inquiry :)  

Can I purchase the color images?

I do not offer color images at this time. 

What is the parent(s) role during the session?

Your main role is to be encouraging and engaged during the session :) You know your toddler best, if you're into it, they'll be into it! So, I may ask you to be silly behind me, make faces, give me bunny ears, make noises - I promise you I will give 110%, but sometimes mom + dad are the best triggers! 

What is the location?

For pop-up style sessions, I will host these in my home in Frisco or at a local natural light studio. There will be an additional $75 charge added to the session fee for ad-hoc bookings.

When will I get the photos back?

I strive to get all my galleries out in 7 business days, however, if I cannot make that target I will communicate with you so you know what to expect. 

Can I have the RAW files?

I do not provide the RAW files under any circumstances.

Any other prep recommendations?

I highly recommend you bring snacks (I didn't say bribes, but you can do that if you want hehe :) and water.

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