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First of all, I am so glad you're here and honored that you are considering learning from me! While I learn and grow as a photographer every day, I would love to partner with you to help achieve your photography goals! 

Topics offered in the mentorship program will be based on a questionnaire that you fill out to first ensure that we are good fit and that I believe I can help you achieve your goals! 

There are 3 mentorship options outlined below. If this is for you, click the button below, I would love to hear from you!

Note: I will be taking a very limited number of mentorship clients this year




$500 + tax

up to 1.5 hour virtual or in-person meeting where we will discuss topics provided by you via a questionnaire so that I can prepare and give you the most value during our time. 

No topic is off-limits, but if I feel that I will not be valued added in one or more topics provided, I will let you know (e.g., dark and moody editing style) 



$1,000 + tax

Everything in the Basics Program



Up to a 1.5 hour in-person shoot where I will coach and shoot alongside you, helping you with any questions you have! If a studio shoot is desired, the mentee will be expected to pay for studio rental fees.



$1,500 + tax

Everything in Premium Program


Up to a 1.5 hour editing session after the shoot to help address process/workflow or editing questions!

Please note I will not be sharing editing presets as part of this mentorship program

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