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Yay! I am so excited you've made the choice to shoot with me! I absolutely cannot wait to work with you and capture beautiful memories with you. Planning for a successful session does not have to be stressful - remember I am here for you and want to help you every step of the way. Below and my favorite tips when planning for your session.

Still have questions? Contact me anytime!


When getting hyped up for your photoshoot (yes, I said it - GET EXCITED!), the session will undoubtedly go better if you are mindset is in the right place - are we taking headshots? FEEL YOURSELF. You look incredible and we're going to bring that powerful/confident/spunky or whatever adjective makes your personality shine its brightest during your session. Are we doing family photos with lots of kiddos? EMBRACE the chaos, there is beauty in photographing your family just the way they are. If your kiddo is having a moment, we'll work through it and stay positive - I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to make our session feel like an *experience*, as a mama I know it can be tough for those sweet babies to sit still. Are we photographing your sweet bump? YOU CREATED LIFE. How INCREDIBLE is that? Soak in every moment of capturing the time when your body did something that feels impossible. Let that feeling shine through, and you better believe I will be helping you remember that during our time together. Are we capturing a brand new family member during a lifestyle newborn session? THEY ARE HERE! As a mama, I know how exhausting those first few weeks can be - we will take our time, we will take pauses if mom, dad or baby need a minute. Soak in all the joy of beginning your life with your newest gift! 


Regardless of your session type with me, I want you to remember that these photos are more than just photos - we are documenting a time in your life that you deem special or important - and no matter what it is I am going to celebrate and life you up so high! Come in with a positive attitude and I guarantee you we will make magic together <3  THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of it. 








Photographing families is one of my favorite things ever, and I understand that you may have some apprehension about your kiddo behaving, or smiling, or being into it. I have that same anxiety for my own family photos! Talk to them about your session well in advance - tell them my name ("Miss Leksi is going to take photos of us playing in a big field with flowers, and we might even see some airplanes!), show them some photos and explain to them that we're going to have fun and someone is going to take pictures of you doing it. 


As a fur mama, I never say no to bringing pups to your session - they are part of your family! There are a few things I always suggest with bringing your pup to a session: 

- I normally try to hide leashes as much as possible, 

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